The James® platform version 2.0

The James® platform version 2.0

AdminPanel version 7, propped with new features and look

Version 2.0 of the James® platform is our biggest update, yet. It is the culmination of several months of development and in line with our passion for delivering the best virtual assistants in the world. Some of our new features are at the absolute cutting edge of what is currently possible for virtual assistants for enterprise.

The new version includes a couple of massive new features for virtual assistants: User authentication - which will open a new world of possibilities for our clients and their customers - and double intents, which will make the conversations and conversation flows even better and more natural.

We have also made improvements to our - already world class - natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, made further enhancements to the prediction accuracy and upgraded the sentiment analysis.

Admin panel v7.0
We are releasing version 7.0 of the admin panel as a part of the new version of the James® platform.

In addition to several other improvements, such as an audit log for in-depth review of activity, we have also reconfigured and redesigned the admin panel with a brand new look and features.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new, crisper and lighter feel of the admin panel.

Below is the complete list of updates for version 2.0 of the James® platform:

Main features:

  • User authentication: When the virtual assistant can confirm the identity of a user, a whole new spectrum of abilities becomes possible. Activities, such as deactivating credit cards, transferring funds, buying tickets, ordering phones, delivering applications and upgrading subscriptions - to name a few - can now be done directly in chat. A true game-changer.
  • Double intent prediction: Virtual assistants, built on the James platform, will now be able to identify and answer two intents simultaneously, giving users the possibility to choose which question they want the answer to first.
  • APIs with memory: When triggering an API in a conversation, you can now leave the script momentarily to ask questions that are unrelated to the API itself. Our virtual assistants will now remember where you left in the API run and let you resume it at your leisure (within reason, of course). This is a significant step on the way to making virtual assistants more interactive and act more like their human colleagues.
  • Better predictions: We have improved the prediction algorithms. That means even more enquiries will be answered correctly. It also means that the minimum amount of training data required has been significantly reduced.
  • Improved spelling correction: The existing spelling correction is already a part of the most robust natural language processing (NLP) available on the global market, but we thought it could be even better, so we improved it
  • Improved sentiment: The sentiment analysis has been substantially improved.
Introducing multi-intents

Admin panel v7.0:

  • New colors and layout: The improved, new layout includes optimized feature placements and a drastically different color scheme. We’ve spent a lot of time researching the optimal color-combinations and feature placements.
  • Audit log: The audit log makes it possible to do quality checks of all the activity in the admin panel. New content added or changes made to your virtual assistant can now be reviewed through the audit log.
  • Action sheet: The action sheet provides an overview of all the action replies that are connected to an intent. They are also editable - perfect for quick changes to the answers of your virtual assistant.
  • Action flow: We think the action flow-feature will be a game-changer in designing advanced and natural conversation flows. The action flow will make it possible for AI Trainers to view an entire conversation in one editable window.
  • Emoji-picker: The emoji-picker is now available when creating action replies. Simply pick and choose emojis from the menu, just like when you’re using your phone.
  • Random test data: The random test data-feature has been added for testing of an entire virtual assistant, not just specific intents, to review the answers virtual assistants provide to random enquiries.
  • Tag test data: You can now tag the test data that you think is important, making it easy to identify in training rounds.
  • Statistics for other channels: The new statistics feature makes it possible to filter where the conversation statistics are coming from in the dashboard. This is specifically useful if your virtual assistant operates in several different channels or if the admin panel has more than one virtual assistant connected to it.
  • Customizable chat window: The chat window that your users interact with can now be easily customized in the admin panel. This includes changing name, shapes and colors of the chat window and chat bubbles.
  • Feedback: The feedback feature can be activated to display after a user ends a conversation, giving them the opportunity to rate and review the conversation.
  • Keyword tool: The keyword tool makes it possible to identify the important words in the data, and the review if whether the virtual assistant treats them as it should.
  • Statistics for action/external links in dashboard: The admin panel now also has statistics for action links and external links.
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